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The Assessment Poll

The Assessment Poll is a multifunctional platform, conceived and designed by Rauxmac Integrated Concepts in pursuance to its leadership and managerial competence advocacy, worldwide. This integrated solution platform uses public opinion and competence assessment variables as its tolls in determining the best amongst equals in the face of challenges in leadership or administrative position choices.

Leadership part tries to introduce administrative competence as a prerequisite for every leadership selection alongside popularity test, through opinion polls and also accessing people using their antecedents and overall leadership ability together with level of adherence to societal core values.

Online Voting System

Assessment poll's online voting system was designed to upgrade many African countries from manually counting ballots to an online election system without sacrificing the integrity of votes.

It is a reliable online voting application designed for groups, organizations, agencies and institutions to run online elections for an important event or reoccurring ones.

It has features that prevents double voting as well as other forms of vote manipulation and also provide real time results with better statistics.

Our online election security measures protect users, both individuals and groups from risk of sensitive data loss, vote fraud, which enhance vote integrity and accountable voting process. Our cyber security measures make results manipulation from the system backend impossible, making the most trusted election runners worldwide.

Our robust analytics reporting shows how votes and election results unfold, with share options of outcome to interested parties..

Our Mission

Is to re-orientate the psyche of the people and make them see reasons for proper leadership, management assessment base on administrative competence and merit, irrespective of ethno-religious affiliation and also make them understand the reason why excellence should not be traded for mediocrity out of sentiment.

Our Vision

To be the leading platform on opinion poll and online voting on the surface of the earth in the nearest future, covering all part of the world and giving birth to a generation of competent and credible leaders worldwide, which shall in turn transcend into a peaceful world and also to reduce the stress level of both employers and applicants in all employment related matters.

Our Solution Team

Our dedicated support team is working 24/7, making sure that all your needs are met in real time. Your mails are discretely handled and every of your doubts cleared through our comprehensive approach to problems solving and clear cut answers to questions. Get help and support from the team and also feel very free to inform us of any issue that you feel requires proper analyses through public opinion via any of our emails,


Frequently Asked Questions

The Assessment Poll is a platform where normal opinion polls are carried out together with administrative competent test, using individual participants past performance records, antecedents and some core societal values as consideration for assessment before making opinion. Issues are also presented for opinions too. The application also has an online voting ability for credible and secured election for all levels of leadership.
The application is very easy to use. Once you log into the website, using our web address or any of our links as shared, navigate around for acclimatization of the peripheral site and sign up to enable you perform any of the businesses of your choice as displayed and also have an in-depth knowledge of the application.
Polls are conducted for so many reasons but all are centered on getting reactions from the public or participants as the case may be on the subject matter. It might be on a product or brand, services, political leadership selection or burning issues in the polity or idea criticism as the case may be. Their reactions or response will either be in support, against or indifference, depending on the way of presentation.
It is a common saying that two or more heads (good heads) are better than one in making wise decision. A well conducted opinion poll on products or brand can serve as a guide over market or production decisions. Popularity of candidates in a poll can guide political parties on the level of financial commitment to make on a contestant before an election proper. Government can also use opinion polls to know the level of acceptability of a policy before its proper introduction to the society, etc.
A lot of things can be the reason. The ratio of participants of a poll in question as it relates to the actual population involved in real election can affect the credibility of the poll. Outcome of an election that involves more of rural dwellers cannot be determined by a sample poll conducted online in the city. Online polls are more reliable in an environment where majority of the population are internet connected and computer literate.
Yes, for only those making opinion on any of the subject matters and No for those who want to promote their brands, products and services, using our platform and also those that want us carry out voting or poll on personal demand.
Definitely yes. It might cost you little or nothing depending on the reason behind the poll. A poll designed to promote a business or brand will be charged, like wise any one made for political gains.
Links and screen shots of unrestricted or open poll can be shared unlimited, while participants of a restricted poll or election voting is purely on accreditation basis and should not be shared.
Such reports are channeled via any of our email contacts for immediate team action.
The result or outcome of an open free poll only shows a lead or guide to the proper thing and cannot be used as evidence in a law court, but that of the restricted polls or election votes are enforceable.
The Assessment Poll


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