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Proposed "New Generation Party" for equity and justice, equal participation and equal stake for all members.

Created by: Emmanuel Emeh on Jan 8, 2022

This is a new proposed high tech political association to enable the youths & women take their rightful position in our polity. Membership (18-60 years) cuts across Nigerians, both home & abroad, with a secured online registration system.

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acken a year ago
this will be nice o
@emeh a year ago
I am not a politician but really want a political association or movement with clear cut ideology and every member's opinion counts. We need a movement where the youths and women will not be relegated to the background by the minority, old, brainless money bags. Non of the already established political associations can give equal opportunities to all its members because of their constitution and lack of ideology.
C825180 a year ago
This has been the dream of well meaning Nigerians. How do we come together and discus its formation and registration? A new generation government is exactly what Nigeria needs at this moment with clear cut vision and mission
Mariah Haruna a year ago
It is good and it needs grassroot mobilizers who will be dedicated to the project.
Emeka a year ago
It's a good thing to do for a positive change.
emmaemeh a year ago
A political party where everyone has equal voting rights, equal participation in decision taking through opinion polls, equal mandatory membership dues contribution and where members who have not stayed beyond 10% of the party life span cannot hold any official position within the party or contest for any electoral position through the party.
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